Adventures in Parenting

When a kid learns to read well the whole world is their oyster – which means that when you’re stopped at red lights you get into conversations like this:

“Mama, what’s a gentleman’s club? Am I a gentleman? Can I go there?”
“Gentlemen don’t actually go to those places; because you’re a gentleman you won’t go there.”

And then we talked very vaguely about what happens there, and in more detail about respecting women and yourself.

I’m actually not sure I answered this one very well because I never bothered to figure out what an age-appropriate explanation of strip clubs was for my 6-year-old. That’s probably something I should’ve prepped for; seems like there are almost as many strip clubs as churches sometimes.

What’s the craziest question your kids have asked you at a stoplight?

How would you answer the strip club question?


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