I feel the need to add to the English lexicon.

It’s 2016. 47 Million people in the USA have Netflix. (Let’s be real: more like 94 million thanks to account sharing, amiright?) And yet, according to a few Google searches I did when I was reeling from the iZombie season one finale and letdown of expecting episode 2×01 to begin, we apparently have no term for when you’re watching through a series on Netflix and you hit a season finale cliffhanger and are ready to automatically cycle to the next one – and then you realize the next season isn’t on Netflix! The shock! The disappointment! The utter lack of humanity – or, as the case may be, zombies!

We have the term “show hole” thanks to the Amazon Fire commercial. Show hole refers to the feeling of despair when you finish a show and have no idea what to watch next. I just had that as I finally watched through Parenthood; six seasons of Bravermans leaves quite a show hole. Then I found iZombie, which is basically Veronica Mars with zombies, and got very into it. I went through the first season in a week or so (this is fast when you have little kids), was reeling from the finale, and then to my dismay instead of cycling to another episode, Netflix recommended an entirely different show. NOT COOL.

So, my friends, we are tasked with the weighty burden of inventing this term. I’ve thought of: ‘flixhanger, netdown, and Impatient Seasonal Disorder. Any other suggestions? Opinions? I think I kind of like ‘flixhanger, even though I know the apostrophe will never last.


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