I survived: growing out a pixie cut!


In May 2015 I was not tired of having a pixie cut – but at that point I’d had some variation of pixie for nearly five years, meaning neither of my children had ever seen me with longer hair and many of my friends hadn’t either. I still loved my pixie, but I was open to change. I decided to grow it out for a year – no wimping out when things got ugly – and see if my opinion of long hair on me had changed.

While I’d had it super short (inspired by Emma Watson and Natalie Portman) in the past, for probably a year or two I’d been rocking the longer pixie (inspired by Carey Mulligan and Morena Baccarin). I didn’t think to take a picture of my starting point, but it was basically this:

I loved it. You would be surprised how much you can do with this ‘do!

But after that last trim came… the growout. Dun dun DUN!

I tried not to trim it at all for as long as possible, but of course I heeded the internet and trimmed the back to avoid the otherwise-inevitable mullet! I made it about three months, the last half of which were pretty bad. Lots of twisting and bobby pins every day to not feel like crap about myself.

3 months and no trims yet:

Life went on and so did my bad hair days. In mid-November we were about to do family Christmas pictures, so it was time to not just trim the mullet again, but also shape the mess for the first time. While most of the time it was still pretty blah (left), thankfully for the family pictures my hair styled itself beautifully (right)! Honestly, if it always looked like that I might be convinced to keep it longer.

6 months:

Six months was definitely the turning point. After that I still had more bad hair days than good, but that’s because of my hair, not the growout process. I had a haircut someone might actually ask for!

By the end of January I had a full-fledged bob! This is partially because I had another mullet trim with very slight shaping.
8-9 months:

My husband was extremely excited about the return of the double French braids. 🙂

10-10.5 months:

Two words: CHIN. LENGTH! Since my hair gets curly as it gets longer, I felt like this milestone took forever. It had been quite a long time since that had happened. I liked this length.

And then, finally! I made it!
12 months!

I actually really like this length as well. I could see getting my hair cut to the 10 month stage and letting it grow for two months and then cutting it again and so on. The problem is when my hair is long I tend to not cut it for years.

At this point it had been a year so I was allowed to cut it. But with how short I wanted to go back to, this was only a few inches from donate-able. I figured it would be cool if my year of blah hair was worth more than just proving to me that I’m very happy being pixie. I decided to grow it out a while longer – hating it all the way, I might add. I basically put it in a ponytail every day, which was part of the reason I originally went pixie in 2010!

In August (15 months) my hair started to hit my collarbone at times. That was a weird feeling. It was also constantly annoying me, and had been basically since it got to my neck. In September my long-time hair stylist notified me that she would be moving away. Y’all, I had not had to worry about my hair in years. Heather was amazing. She knew just what I liked. I never had a bad haircut from her. Her plans to move sped up my timeline because I knew I wanted to go back to pixie before she left. I figured maintaining a good cut is easier than making one so I could find someone, but getting it back to beauty base zero via her hand was a priority. Thankfully I had a lot of hair long enough to donate to Children With Hair Loss by that point. The longest portion was over 9.5″ when stretched!
16 months:

And then…

When I went to check it out in the mirror, I actually said this out loud to myself:
tumblr_mq12gv2vyc1s7y044o6_400After 15 months of bad hair and then hair I just don’t like much, I looked like myself again. Bangarang!

Thankfully after Heather left I found another friend who rocks at doing hair. Laura has provided such great service that I expect the Navy to take her away any time. *cries* I had to update my modeling headshot after cutting my hair again, so here are some good shots of my updated pixie ‘do!

I may go back to the long pixie at some point because it’s so versatile, but I’m really enjoying the short pixie for now.

My tips for pixie growout:

1. Just accept that months 2-6 are gonna suck. A lot. The internet is right: bobby pins are your friend. If you like hats and/or headbands, I imagine the internet is right about those too. Try them. And don’t give up; it gets better shortly after that!
2. Trim the mullet. Yes, you will feel like your hair is growing faster if you don’t, but it will make you feel better. Trust me. And make sure you find someone who will JUST trim the mullet if that’s what you want!
3. After a few months, get a shaping trim. You will lose more length, but your hair will be less horrible. If you plan to grow it out longer than I did, I imagine you’ll need more than one of those.

If you’re pondering a pixie… just do it! What’s the worst that can happen? If you hate it, well, hair grows. You’ll be back at a bob in six months and shoulder-length in a year and a half. And who knows? You just might love it! But the wondering? The wondering sucks. Just chop it. Then, love it or hate it, you’ll know! And I think you might love it. ♥


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