Life List

When I was in my late twenties and thirty was looming, I wanted to make a 30×30 list: you know, thirty things I wanted to do, or at least have done, before my thirtieth birthday. Yeah… that didn’t happen. When I started this blog I was 32, and there wasn’t a 33×33 list either.

Instead, I present this: my life list. This is simply a list of things I want to do during the course of my life.

The rules for my list are pretty generous. If it’s something that I would’ve had on such a list at any time and I’ve already accomplished it, it goes on here. (And I get to cross it off already! WHEE!) I also reserve the right to add to it at any time another must-do occurs to me.

Welcome to my Life List.

Listed in the order they occur to me, not by importance or any sort of organization.

  • Go to Australia  July 2000 and July 2002
  • Go to Ireland
  • Go to Italy May 2009
  • Go to Greece May 2009
  • Move to Florida August 2002
  • Move to Hawaii
  • Live in another country
  • Visit all seven continents – North America (born here), Australia (2000, 2002), Europe (2009), Africa (2010, 2013, 2014), and Asia (2016). I’ve also been to Central America (Mexico and El Salvador) a total of six times. Those countries are far more like South America than they are like North America, so I give myself half a point for that. I have no partial points for Antarctica!
  • Visit all fifty states – Just missing Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, and Vermont.
  • Read the entire Bible 2001, 2015
  • Have at least two dogs at the same time July 2012
  • Get a college degree May 2004
  • Get married December 2003
  • Adopt at least one kid E in August 2010; B in March 2014
  • Skydive March 2015
  • See a show on Broadway September 2016, and it was freaking HAMILTON!!!
  • Get a tattoo August 2013
  • Apply to a modeling agency November 2008; signed by said agency and modeling a few times a year ever since!!
  • Run a half-marathon The first was May 2015
  • Run a marathon The first and last was January 2016
  • Go on a Disney Cruise February 2014 & April 2015
  • Get Disney World annual passes December 2015!!!
  • Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter First time was April 2012 but I’ve been an annual passholder since then! Still hasn’t gotten old!
  • Read the complete works of Jane Austen
  • Read the complete works of C.S. Lewis
  • Skinny-dip August 2007 (*waggles eyebrows*)
  • Lead someone to Christ Pretty sure the first one was in Australia in July 2000.
  • Go on The Amazing Race
  • Own a house on the beach
  • See Hamilton in person September 2016!!!
  • Take a hot air balloon ride May 2017! It was awesome!
  • Do 40 half-marathons by my 40th birthday
  • Run a half-marathon in every state

One thought on “Life List

  1. Love this! I think we’re much more likely to do stuff when we can cross it off a list. Otherwise it can turn into one of those “gee, one day I’d like to…” thoughts in our head.


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