About Me

Hi. I’m Bethany.


I’m a goofy, logical, creative, easygoing, confident, and surprisingly nerdy woman in my thirties. I love God, have an amazing husband, two awesome little boys, and two adorable shelter mutts.

I do the stay-at-home mom thing and homeschool our boys (for now), but I also work part-time at our church as treasurer and secretary, find good stuff at thrift stores and resell it on eBay, do portrait photography and have sold a few art prints, and model and act when the opportunities arise.

I’ve lived in eight states and was mostly raised a Midwesterner (lifelong Detroit Lions fan… feel free to send money or chocolate to make me feel better) until I was 18 and my family moved to Florida. I married a New Englander, but to both of us Jacksonville is definitely home – until we can work out moving to Hawaii, which we adore.
Midwest in my blood, Florida in my heart, Hawaii in my soul. 

My favorite things to do include: going to the beach, traveling, photography, drinking coffee at all hours, reading fiction, running (longest distance: marathon; favorite distance: 15K), going to Disney World and Universal Studios Florida (we dual-wield annual passes!), going out to eat, watching TV, enjoying my city, and shopping at thrift and discount stores.

In 2016 I grew out my long-time pixie cut… and then happily chopped it off again, ran a half-marathon every month, bought a new house twice the size of the one we spent the previous decade in, and travel hacked our whole family to Korea and Hawaii for about $500 in airfare.

This year (2017) we plan to finish homeschooling and hope to enroll the boys in a local hybrid school. I want to run at least nine half-marathons hopefully in at least three other states. I want to dye my hair purple and maybe finally get a second tattoo. We have no travel plans yet but ideally we’ll swing a trip to Connecticut to visit the in-laws, a trip to visit our “adoptive family” (a.k.a. friends we met because they also adopted kids from Ethiopia), and hopefully a Disney cruise. It would also be nice to finally check Ireland off the list.

I write about family, homeschooling, Florida, being a white mom with black kids, Christianity, travel, silliness, thrift store scores, running, and whatever else I want to talk about. Sometimes I’m serious, sometimes I’m controversial, sometimes I’m only funny to me, and sometimes I’m actually funny. Always I’m grateful for someone listening, so if you’re out there, say hi!


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